The Story Behind “You’ll know it when you feel it…it feels like peace of mind.”

0 2 February 27, 2015

Hey All,

I’ve been making.

Here is the story behind…

“You’ll know it when you feel it…it feels like peace of mind.” -Sterling Silver, Diamonds, Amethyst


Let’s talk a little bit about sanctuary, shall we?

Peace. Stillness. Security. Safety. Rest. Respite. Refuge. Haven. Hideaway. All These words spring to mind. These intangible things that we all seek out. No stress. Contentment.


I don’t dream when I’m stressed. I’ve been dreaming every night for weeks.

I have this recurring dream that I’m walking barefoot on a beach. I’m carrying this big, plastic bucket…and everywhere I turn there are fantastical gemstones. Every colour under the sun and blindingly sparkly. They are all nestled in the sand, just by the waterline. I wander for a long, long time, hunting treasures. I’m picking up every beautiful thing I see and putting it in my bucket.

At the end of the dream the same thing always happens. My feet are getting cold so I look down at them. Out of the corner of my eye I see something curious sitting in a tide pool to my left. My bucket is overflowing and as I walk over to investigate the tide pool, the gems are spilling out onto the sand. I’m scooping them up as I walk, trying not to lose any.

In the tide pool is a little porcelain box in the shape of a turtle. I pick it up and rinse the sand out of it. It’s the little porcelain box that my mom kept on her vanity when I was little. She stored our baby teeth in it.

It won’t fit in the bucket so I dig my hands into the gemstones and let some pour through my fingers and back onto the beach. I place the little turtle on top of the gems in the bucket, pick up the bucket, and wake up.

I will always, always choose home. To me it is safe harbour. It’s a nest.


When my parents moved from their overcrowded little house in the west end of Winnipeg to a big, old house in Scotia Heights, I cried for months. I was seven. It didn’t feel like home.

They’ve been there for 25 years now, and that big, old house has been permanently fixed in my mind as my home.

You have to leave home eventually…so Husband and I bought a tiny, cabin-house right before we got married. I wanted to go home for our wedding night so we slept there after our big day. Home Home Home. Take me home.

The cabin-house was thoroughly quaint. However, it had no heat. We heated it with two space heaters through two Winnipeg winters…and it was hard. Really hard. Really cold. But if I wanted to start smithing, we needed to be in a house…landlords aren’t big on you running propane torches in your apartment. So we muddled through. A lot of nights I saw my breath in the air. And we were thankful.

In November my in-laws said to us, “Let’s buy a house together for you two to live in.”

We thought they were joking.

They weren’t. Two weeks later we all found ourselves putting an offer in on a house. We got it (heaven!) and we spent a month renovating and painting like madmen. 14 hour days. Making this house…home.


I’m sitting here now. It’s so warm. Luxury. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Every day that feeling is still hitting me. I can’t get over it. This is a home to grow into. I want to stay here and have some babies and get old with Husband.

I had to make this piece out of pure joy.

We all need to feel like we have somewhere to call home. We all need somewhere to land. It doesn’t have to be a structure. Home can be a person because home is where you feel “at home”.

I just hope you all have one that is warm and welcoming. One that tucks you under it’s wings.


This Necklace is Sterling silver, Diamond, and Amethyst. The title is about knowing when you’ve found home. You’ll know it when you feel it…it feels like peace of mind. A little house sits in the snow. Hand-engraved “Clouds of glory” are above the house. It’s like heaven has opened up. Doves, that signify peace, are fluttering around. They are studded with diamonds and amethyst. There are a few open holes in the piece with deeper star-shaped engravings around them. This is to denote that peace and contentment are not about “things”, but about your state of mind. This new work is a celebration of home. Simple as that.

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